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Rob & Kate

' For our 20 years anniversary I surprised my wife with a weekend in Rome. An absolute magnificent city full with culture and amazing food. One of my friends pointed HeliFlair out, to explore Rome from an unique perspective. Within the hour we got picked-up by a luxury car who brought us to the heliport from where we flew over Tivoli and Rome. An unique experience and well done to all HeliFlair staff, making this experience as smooth, pleasant and professional as possible ~ Rob, UK (July 2018) '


' On my holiday with friends in Italy, we have seen a lot of helicopters flying over, never had I been in one. Via Via someone told me to have a look on HeliFlair. After a quick e-mail correspondence and a phone call with Floris of HeliFlair I had booked a flight the day after. We have flown for 1.5 hour across lake como and as finish a lunch on a glacier. HeliFlair knows how to surprise you, thank you for the amazing experience and I highly recommend everyone to book with HeliFlair ~ Dannique, NL (Aug 2018)


' For a client we had to move a helicopter from the London area all the way to the south of France, not only is HeliFlair able to provide charters and flights for customers but also, they are able to ferry your helicopter to your desired location ~ Christine, UK (Sep 2019)


'My flight with HeliFlair was a marvellous experience.  The pilot is polite, professional and skillful.  He gave me a full safety briefing before take-off and set me at ease.  He flew with great competence in a very high wind.  He took me over 3 counties of England, indicating points of interest as went and making sure I enjoyed my hour in the helicopter.  His landing was impressive – smooth, precise and right on target.  I would thoroughly recommend an outing with HeliFlair' ~ Andrew, UK (Mar 2019)

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